Dear Friend,

I remember November 1, 1994, as if it were yesterday. That’s the day my wife, Marge, died from the poisonous effects of chemotherapy.

Let me tell you something: it wasn’t cancer that killed my wife. It was the cancer treatment. The chemo destroyed her immune system, made her feel miserable, and broke down her will to live. She said the chemo made her feel “like hell.” It sickened her so much that she wanted to die.

The doctors were hell-bent on killing my wife’s cancer, and they met their goal – but their drugs also killed the patient.

My dear wife was not the only one. Most cancer patients don’t actually die of cancer. They die of a wasted, weakened body brought on by years of chemotherapy and radiation. And the medical system is so dishonest it conceals the facts from the public.

I’m writing you this letter because I don’t want you or your loved ones to go through the nightmare my wife went through. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

How I discovered a gentle way to beat cancer

If I’d known then what I know now, my wife would probably still be alive today. Believe it or not, I found an incredibly powerful yet gentle way to beat cancer – a way that makes the patient feel good and healthy. In fact, you can heal almost any cancer at home – even “terminal” cancers – for pennies on the dollar compared to the $10,000-a-month chemo drugs.

And without any miserable side effects.

The truth is, I’ve identified 17 cancer treatments you can do yourself at home, without a doctor. ALL of them are far better than chemotherapy and radiation. Yes. Every single one.

And I’ve identified 15 more treatments you can do with a doctor’s help. And – likewise -- every single one of them is more effective than chemotherapy. Just keep reading and I’ll show you the proof. But my number one choice out of all 32 cancer treatments is the “miracle food” that saved the people I told you about above.

I searched 16 years for the perfect cancer treatment
And found this amazing home remedy

Let me briefly introduce myself to you. I’m Bill Henderson, a retired Air Force colonel and a retired business owner.

After my Marge passed away, I embarked on a full-time research project to find a better way to treat cancer. And in my research I found a suppressed cure – a miracle that literally “melts” cancer away.

And let me say right away: I’m not selling this treatment or any other treatment. I’m not in the supplement business. I just provide people with information.

I write books about how to beat cancer gently and naturally, and I host a radio program on the same subject. What’s more, I’ve spoken with more than 3,000 cancer patients from all over the world over the last several years. In a typical day, six or seven cancer patients call me to ask about their treatment options.

I tell these patients that if I ever had cancer, I’d treat it at home myself instead of using chemo and radiation. Why? Because I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work.

In a moment I’ll tell you how to get complete, detailed information on all 32 cancer treatments including a full 21,000-word Special Report devoted to my favorite therapy – the one I always recommend first to cancer patients who turn to me for help. . .the one that I’ve personally seen work in patient after patient after patient. At times it seems like magic, but it’s based on solid science, as you’ll see in a moment.

Why you’ll never get this life-saving information
from mainstream doctors

Don’t expect to hear about this treatment or the other 31 from your doctor. He probably doesn’t know about them, because the drug-oriented medical establishment has suppressed them. Why? Because big profits are at stake.

The average cancer patient is worth nearly a million dollars in revenue to the health care system. Even one round of chemo treatment is incredibly expensive, and most patients go through several -- not to mention countless operations.

So each patient brings in nearly a million bucks. It’s like each cancer patient is a small business the size of a corner gas station or a convenience store. If you’re an average American working a job, you’d be doing well if you started a little business and it grossed a million dollars!

Well, each and every cancer patient is worth that kind of money to cancer doctors, hospitals, drug companies, and many others who get a piece of the action.

As the late physician, author, and diet guru Dr. Robert Atkins, M.D., once said:

“There [are] many cures for cancer available. But they are all being systematically suppressed by the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the major oncology centers. They have too much of an interest in the status quo.”

Even if your doctor knew about the natural cures for cancer, he could get into big trouble with his medical board for recommending a cancer treatment other than chemotherapy.

That’s right. Your doctor isn’t free to tell you the truth about your cancer treatment options, because health freedom in America is disappearing.

But I’m free to tell you the truth about cancer treatment options because I’m not a doctor. I can speak freely. Let me tell you the story about the technology tycoon who almost lost his wife.

Technology tycoon thanks me for saving his wife’s life

Rebecca K. and her husband live in Palm Beach, Florida. But during hurricane season you’re more likely to find them at their yacht club in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The husband is the heir to a technology fortune.

Rebecca and her husband are so grateful for my help as a cancer coach that they recently treated my wife and me to three nights at their Gloucester yacht club.

They’re absolutely convinced that I saved Rebecca’s life.

Nearly 10 years ago Rebecca started suffering heavy bleeding during her periods. Doctors found uterine cancer and recommended radiation therapy. She told them, “No, thank you.” She preferred to look for a natural remedy.

Somehow Rebecca came across my method, and she hired me as a coach. She did the simple cancer-healing protocol that I describe in chapter five of my new Special Report How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day.

When I spoke to Rebecca recently, she told me, “Bill, you gave me what’s the most precious thing in the world: another day – and many more!”

I love to hear statements like that, and I hear them all the time. That’s why I say that this is the most fulfilling thing I’ve done in my entire life. Nothing else has been anywhere near as gratifying as what I do now. Every day I get an opportunity to help somebody who’s suffering. And what could be better than that?


A Rolls Royce cancer treatment program on a VW budget!

You can get rid of almost any cancer without surgery, without radiation, and without chemo.

I’m talking about a Rolls Royce cancer treatment program on a Volkswagen budget.

Hard to believe? Perhaps. But I’m not asking you to believe anything just yet. Keep reading and see the evidence for yourself. All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof.

In the next five minutes, I’ll prove to you that there’s a gentle and effective way to get rid of just about any cancer.

I’m going to tell you important news about my #1 cancer cure, the best one I know – a cure that routinely melts away even stage-four cancers.
I’m talking about...

… a miracle food that kills cancer better than chemo, as proven by the seven-time Nobel Prize nominee who discovered it…

… a miracle food that gives cancer patients more energy and zest for life

… a miracle food that “liquidates” cancer – melting it away without causing side effects

I can even tell you where to get the miracle food at a wholesale price if you have cancer. Yes, there’s a place that sells the miracle food to cancer patients at a deep discount!

How this miracle food kills cancer cells by the millions

Let me tell you how the miracle food works. It’s a little bit technical, but I’ll explain it in plain language. It’s the cornerstone of my simple protocol to get rid of cancer at home. If cancer patients do only one thing, they should eat this miracle food every day.

It can’t hurt. It’s only food.

Actually, the miracle food is a combination of foods that you mix together. You can get these foods at grocery stores or from the Internet.

In the 1950s, a medical researcher discovered that when you combine these foods in a blender, they form a unique molecule that has an amazing power: it oxygenates the entire body all the way down to the cellular level. The researcher was nominated for a Nobel Prize seven times because of this discovery.

It’s critical for cancer patients to oxygenate their cells because cancer cells are anaerobic. That means they thrive in an oxygen-free environment. These abnormal cells live and multiply through a fermentation process and they can’t stand oxygen.

Like exposing a vampire to sunshine

Bringing fresh oxygen to cancer cells is like exposing a vampire to bright sunshine. If you’ve ever seen a vampire movie, you know that when sunlight shines on the vampire, the vampire recoils, shrivels up, and dies.

Well, the same thing happens when you blast cancer cells with an extra dose of fresh oxygen. They shrivel up and die by the millions. And that makes it critical that cancer patients regularly blast cancer cells with high doses of fresh oxygen. And that’s exactly what this miracle food does.

The cancer patient can easily get into a downward spiral: when the body’s cells start to run down, they attract less oxygen from the blood stream, causing them to become even more run down and attract even less oxygen. Cancer thrives in this downward spiral.

Here’s how the miracle food reverses the downward spiral:

  • Because this miracle food is water-soluble, the human body easily absorbs it so that it can travel right to the cells, which are in dire need of help!

  • In layman’s terms, this miracle food attaches “magnets” to the walls of the cells. These tiny “magnets” attract oxygen, pulling extra oxygen to the cells from the vast network of blood vessels.

  • This miracle food makes the cells’ walls more permeable so the newly attracted oxygen can actually enter the cells and energize them.

This oxygen disrupts the cancer cells’ anaerobic environment, causing the cancer cells to die by the millions! Eating this miracle food does even more: it brings extra oxygen to ALL of your body’s cells. It reinvigorates normal cells, making them healthier and more disease resistant.

Like melting the Wicked Witch of the West

Oxygenating cancer causes the cancer to melt. If you’ve ever seen the Wizard of Oz, I’m sure you remember what happened when Dorothy splashed the bucket of water on the Wicked Witch of the West. The Witch moaned, “I’m melting… melting…” as she got “liquidated” into a dark puddle.

Well, that’s pretty much what happens to the cancer cells when you eat the miracle food. As the cancer melts away, your body eliminates the dead cells.

And there’s another HUGE benefit. The miracle food also oxygenates and energizes your normal cells, making them healthier and protecting them from turning cancerous. In other words, you get protection from cancer for as long as you eat this amazing food. This is the cheapest health insurance I know of.

I know of no other substance that makes every cell in your body healthier and kills cancer cells at the same time.

The miracle food has demonstrated a success rate of 90 percent with cancer patients, according to the seven-time Nobel Prize nominee who discovered it. She accepted patients who had been written off by other doctors and gave them the miracle food.

In a 1967 interview over the South German Radio Network she said, “Even in these cases it is possible to restore health in a few months at most, I would truly say 90 percent of the time.”

This miracle food can benefit ALL OF US,
whether we have cancer or not

You see, this miracle food is for anyone who wants more energy and better health. So whether you’re looking to lose weight, get pain relief, get more energy, prevent cancer, or cure cancer, I believe you could benefit from the miracle food.

I eat the miracle food every day, even though I don’t have cancer. And I attribute my good health to this miracle food. Here’s how my health has changed:

  • I used to get at least one or two colds every year. But I’ve only had one cold in all the years since I’ve been eating the miracle food. That’s because it has made my immune system as strong as steel!

  • I used to get the flu every year. But I haven’t had the flu for years. Nor have I had any flu shots during that time.

  • I’ve lost weight and kept it off for years. My weight is ideal for my height. Yet I’m not “on a diet,” and I don’t feel deprived or hungry. The miracle food is the cornerstone of the healthy eating plan I recommend in my Special Report, “How to cure almost any cancer at home for $5.15 a day.”

  • I used to have trouble sleeping, but now I sleep like a baby.

  • I used to run out of steam in the afternoon, but now my energy level is high throughout the day.

  • I’m mentally sharp. In fact, from my home I play bridge on the Internet with people all over the world.

  • I play golf twice a week with a group of friends.

  • I’m in vibrant health, and I no longer have aches and pains.

Not bad for a guy who’s almost 80 years old, wouldn’t you agree?

And while we’re on the subject, do you wonder if regular cancer doctors do what I do and follow their own advice? I’m glad you asked, because I looked into that...

What cancer doctors say privately about chemotherapy

Suppose you just found out you have cancer – and by chance you get to “eavesdrop” while cancer doctors talk about what they would do if they were in your shoes.

What do you think they’d say? No need to wonder. Someone spilled the beans.

One of the world’s most prestigious cancer centers asked 79 oncologists what they would do if THEY had cancer. The questionnaire was totally confidential. The responses were anonymous.

58 out of 79 of these cancer doctors said they would NOT permit chemotherapy for themselves or members of their families!!

That makes 73 percent who “just say no” to chemo – when it’s for them.

The reasons they gave are simple: (1) chemotherapy DOESN’T WORK, (2) it’s poisonous and makes you sick.

And just in case you think this poll was a fluke, the Los Angeles Times asked cancer doctors the same questions and got the same result! 75 percent of doctors told the LA Times pollster that chemotherapy and radiation are unacceptable to themselves and their families.

Meanwhile, these same doctors and their colleagues all over America give chemotherapy i.e. useless poison to 75 percent of all cancer patients!

How can this be? How can cancer doctors themselves reject their own cancer treatment? It doesn’t make any sense. Except it DOES make sense when you know the facts. Here they are. . .

If cancer has spread to other organs from wherever it started, you have approximately ZERO chance of living more than five years if you go through chemotherapy. The exact five-year survival figure is around 2 percent – two people out of a hundred. In other words. . .


Study after study shows that patients who don’t accept chemo LIVE LONGER than those who do, for most types of cancer.

That’s right! You’ll live longer WITHOUT chemotherapy than with.

That’s why the overwhelming majority of cancer doctors say they’ll NEVER submit to chemotherapy themselves.


Meanwhile, let me tell you about 32 safe,
nontoxic treatments that DO work

I can tell you one thing for sure about the 32 cancer treatments you’ll discover in my 317-page soft cover book Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing and my unique 21,000-word Special Report How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day:

None of the treatments I recommend can possibly hurt you or make your life even one day shorter! They are all totally safe and nontoxic when used as directed.

And as you’ll discover in the book and reports, the evidence is powerful that these 32 treatments bring longer life and even total recovery to late-stage cancer patients – the very people who are considered hopeless – the very people who only have two chances out of a hundred if they choose chemotherapy and radiation.

In fact, MOST of the people who try my suggestions are late-stage cancer patients. Most cancer patients don’t even look at alternatives until AFTER they’ve spent months or years doing everything their doctors tell them.

After chemo and radiation have failed and they’ve been told there’s no hope, they finally try alternatives, and you know what? Many of them get well. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, again and again.

Let me tell you about one of those folks right now!

Doctor remarks, “This can’t be the same woman!”

A South Carolina doctor made it crystal clear that there was no hope for 80-year-old Beulah. It was certain: her lung cancer was terminal. On March 10, 2008, the doctor told her, “We have no treatment for you. You have six months to live.”

But Beulah’s daughter found out about the miracle food I mentioned earlier – the cancer treatment I consider the best, the same one I eat every day myself. Beulah’s daughter learned about it from a friend and persuaded her mother to try it. After all, she had nothing to lose.

Within two weeks, Beulah’s doctor saw definite improvement: the cancer had stopped spreading. And with each subsequent visit, Beulah’s cancer kept shrinking and shrinking. The doctor kept on pushing his chemo, but Beulah kept on refusing it.

After two months, the doctor told Beulah’s daughter, “I don’t know what’s going on with your mother, but her cancer is melting away.”

By Thanksgiving, 2008, the doctor was so astonished that he took Beulah’s newest x-ray to the doctor who’d taken the first x-ray of her cancer in March of that same year. Looking at the two x-rays, the doctor remarked, “This can’t be the same woman. There’s no cancer here!”

But it was the same woman. She was supposed to have died by September, according to his six-month prediction, but she had made it to Thanksgiving. And she was totally, 100 percent cancer free.

Beulah’s daughter, Peggy, loves to encourage people and help them get rid of their cancer. She told me I should list her phone number and e-mail address in my Special Report How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day -- just in case any of my readers would like to contact her for details about Beulah’s amazing story. And that’s what I did: you’ll find her phone number and e-mail address in my report.

Beaulah’s success with alternative treatment
isn’t unusual – it’s

You’ll find out when you receive this valuable collection of cancer treatments. You see, many people actually beat cancer by doing just one of the 32 treatments I describe in detail. But you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket. You can safely try six, eight or even ten of them all at once.

And that’s what I recommend.

In fact, I’ve worked out my own six-part cancer protocol (that’s what doctors call a program of treatment). The “Bill Henderson Protocol” includes the miracle food I mentioned earlier plus five other proven non-toxic cancer treatments.

Is it safe to do my six chosen treatments all at once? Yes. They’re all just foods or food extracts. They aren’t going to hurt you. I do all six of them myself every day, even though I don’t have cancer. I take this one, for example. . .

Can this 7-cent pill make you cancer-free forever?

Just ask Bob Davis. He did defeat his cancer by taking just one of the six foods in my cancer protocol! This time I’m not talking about “the miracle food” but a marvelous, rich green food. You can see it growing on farms all over the country every summer.

Farmers grow this plant for the grain, but it’s actually the leaves of the plant that hold one of the 32 secrets to curing cancer! When dried, powdered and packed into capsules, they pack a punch like you won’t believe!

But let Bob Davis tell his own story: “. . .I received a phone call from the owner of the company that provides [the green food]. She asked me how I was doing on the pills. I told her that I wasn’t using them. I had gotten them for my wife and they helped her arthritis when she remembered to take them.

“I then said the most fortunate thing I have said in my life. I said, ‘I’m fighting another battle.’ She asked me what it was and I told her that it was cancer. She said, ‘Oh, Mr. Davis, you don’t know, do you?’ I asked her what it was that I didn’t know and she said, ‘Don’t you know that cancer and arthritis can’t grow in an alkaline body?’ I told her that I had never heard that before.

To make a long story short, I started taking the pills and in ten days my cancer was 95% gone! My next CT scan showed no cancer in my body and I have been cancer free ever since.”

If Bob could achieve these incredible results with just one remedy, imagine what you can do if you safely combine multiple foods and supplements the way I recommend! You’ll find Bob’s full story AND the details about the green food on page 111 of my 317-page soft cover book, Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing.

The missing ingredient for good health –
Everyone needs it and almost nobody gets it

The green food that saved Bob Davis’s life contains a certain vital nutrient that almost no one knows about -- even alternative doctors. I’m not talking about vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants. In fact, you can take vitamins, minerals and antioxidants by the handful and still suffer poor health if you don’t get this “missing ingredient”.

If you take all those other supplements you’re only getting it half-right. This new class of nutrients is just as important – maybe MORE important.

The information I’m giving you here is cutting edge. Few people are taking “the missing ingredient” now. But in five or ten years most people will be taking the nutrients found in the green food that saved Bob Davis. The benefits are nothing short of amazing. . .

  • A man with kidney cancer, given 50 days to live, was alive and well 15 years later, thanks to this nutrient.
  • A woman with metastatic breast cancer – a virtual death sentence – was alive and well 16 years later – thanks to “the missing ingredient.”
  • And how about pancreatic cancer patients who were told they had “no hope”? This natural nutrient outdid chemotherapy by better than a hundred to one!

You can find the missing ingredient in many foods, not just the green food that Bob Davis used. The green food just happens to be an especially rich source.

A hundred years ago, most people were getting enough of this nutrient, from a variety of foods, because actually it’s pretty common. Nowadays we don’t get enough because our diet is mostly made up of cooked, processed foods. Heat destroys this valuable nutrient.

We’re living on “dead food” – and it shows.

The lack of this vital nutrient leaves us wide open not only to cancer but to heart disease, arthritis, allergies, and all kinds of digestive problems. It’s even linked to autism, lupus and multiple sclerosis.

Expect to feel better whether you’re sick or not

Whether you’ve got cancer or not, you’ll probably see huge improvements in your health when you get started on the green food. You’ll find out where to order on page 114 of my soft cover book Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing.

I can just about guarantee you’re deficient in “the missing ingredient” even if you think you’ve got all your health bases covered. Even alternative doctors don’t understand how important it is. Let me explain why. . .

If a doctor told you what I’m telling you
about cancer, he might go to jail

Most alternative cancer doctors know what I’m telling you here. These doctors include some form of “the missing ingredient” in their cancer protocols, the same as I do.

But most alternative doctors know nothing about the missing ingredient. Why? Because they stay miles away from cancer patients. A doctor can lose his license and even got tossed in jail for treating cancer with alternative means. Only a few brave souls take the chance.

Dr. Julian Whitaker, one of America’s most famous alternative doctors, says he has to stay away from cancer. “Anyone who treats cancer in this country with therapies other than surgery, radiation and chemotherapy has put a very large red target on his back for suppression. I just don’t want to do that and I don’t want to live in Mexico, so we stay away from cancer for political reasons.”

That explains why so much of the information I’m offering you in this collection of books and reports is new and unknown to most people – including “the missing ingredient”!

It was researched and developed by scientists looking for a powerful cancer treatment. Some of them paid with their careers. And these days only alternative doctors who treat cancer patients know about the unique power of the missing ingredient.


Stop the conspiracy of silence!

My clients routinely get rid of cancer using the same natural methods that Beulah and Bob used. Shouldn’t that be front-page news? Shouldn’t this story be on the evening news broadcasts of the national networks? Why does the mainstream cancer treatment industry keep these alternative treatments secret? I guess too much money is at stake.

In a recent year, the profits of the ten big drug companies in the Fortune 500 were greater than those of the other 490 companies combined. We’re talking about big, big bucks here. Bucks that would largely disappear if everyone knew the truth I’m telling you now.

If the cancer treatment industry is trying to perpetuate a conspiracy of silence, then it’s up to people like you and me to spread the truth far and wide. That’s the only way to break this conspiracy.

One courageous doctor who tried to break the conspiracy was the discoverer of the miracle food that cured Beulah. The discovery was so revolutionary the doctor was nominated for a Nobel Prize seven times.

But the medical/drug establishment felt so threatened by her scientific breakthrough that they eliminated her funding, pulled the rug out from under her, and denied her access to sophisticated laboratory facilities. She lived out the rest of her days in obscurity.

Poison your child with chemo OR ELSE!

You probably saw the news story about the 13-year-old Minnesota boy who fled the state with his mother to avoid another round of court-ordered chemotherapy. The first round of chemotherapy made the boy so sick he couldn’t stand the nausea. He vowed to kick and scream if they ever tried to force more of the chemo drug into him.

The boy wanted to use natural treatments instead of another round of chemo. But the government stepped in and ordered the mother to get her son back into chemotherapy or else!

Well, after a nationwide warrant was issued for the mother’s arrest, she and the boy had no choice but to return to Minnesota for another dreadful round of chemo.

What’s happened to health freedom in America?

Doctors can get into big trouble just for recommending alternative treatments. And a doctor who uses natural methods to treat cancer patients can expect to face criminal charges sooner or later.

The medical establishment suppresses and ignores these discoveries, but they live on through word-of-mouth – and through the publishing efforts of a small band of mavericks like myself. Most of us publish our own books and reports. You won’t get this information from mainstream publishers.

And for those treatments that aren’t do-it-yourself – the ones where you need an alternative doctor – often you have to go to a doctor outside the United States. (You’ll find names, addresses, phone numbers and websites in Chapter 6 of my 317-page book Cancer-Free.)

In spite of the vicious attacks and persecution, I can tell you this is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. When people discover these incredible treatments and see what they can do, they can’t wait to tell their friends and family. They spread the news to everyone they care about and want to help.

The cancer treatment that fits on a recipe card

Believe it or not, I’ve seen terminal patients get rid of their cancer using only the miracle food that cured Beulah. It’s the cornerstone of my “Henderson protocol.” But when patients use my full 6-part protocol, which is so easy and inexpensive to do, cancer hardly stands a chance.

You can safely do all six treatments at once – and they cost practically nothing! My cancer protocol is. . .

  • A method so simple it fits on a recipe card or index card you can tape to your refrigerator door

  • A method so easy that anyone can do it

  • A method so inexpensive at just $5.15 per day that almost everyone can afford it. What’s more, after six weeks the cost drops to $3.50 per day, making it even less expensive.

Five cancer myths debunked

You’ll know whether my $5.15-a-day
protocol is curing your cancer

One of the best things about my method is that there’s an easy way to tell whether it’s working or not.

You see, my research has uncovered a home cancer test that’s as accurate as home pregnancy tests. It’s a test practically no one knows about, and it’s spot-on accurate.

A test number over 50 means: yes, you have cancer that needs treatment. If your number is less than 50, you’re cancer-free. And the test also shows whether your cancer is getting better or worse.

For example, if your first test gives you a 55, and your next test a month later gives you a 52, you still have cancer, but it’s moving in the right direction. And if you stay the course, your next number will probably be below 50, which means you’re cancer-free.

In my Special Report How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day, I tell you where to order this home cancer test.

18 times as many cancer patients survive with this forbidden treatmentcompared to mainstream treatments

In addition to the 6 treatments in my “Henderson protocol” this valuable collection of books and reports covers in detail 26 other proven cancer treatments, for a grand total of 32. There’s nothing wrong with the other 26 – they’re all excellent.

The reason I didn’t include them in my protocol is, first of all, 15 of them require a doctor. There’s nothing wrong with that. But in my opinion you can beat cancer yourself at home. Second, some of the treatments are very expensive compared to the six I chose. They work like gangbusters, but the six I selected are a better value.

But you won’t go wrong with ANY of the 32 alternative cancer treatments in this exclusive offer.

If you want to put yourself under a doctor’s care, you should check out the treatment on page 182 of my book Cancer-Free. The patients who tried it are proven to survive at 18 times the rate of patients who choose mainstream cancer treatments!

One doctor treated cancer patients with this substance for 17 years and published his results. Out of 108 late-stage cancer patients, 61 were still alive at the end of that time – 56 percent. If those same patients had chosen chemo, only three percent of them would have lived more than five years.

In other words, this one alternative treatment proved 18 times as effective.

Patient lives 20 years after being told he had “months to live”

On page 183 of Cancer-Free you’ll meet William Sykes, a man who suffered from late-stage lymphocytic leukemia. Doctors operated on him to remove his cancerous spleen, but then they told him he’d live just a few more months – if he was lucky!

William’s doctors urged him to go through chemotherapy “to try to delay death a few more weeks,” as he tells it.

Instead, William found a doctor who was knowledgeable about alternative treatments. That doctor suggested the treatment that’s 18 times more effective than conventional treatments. William decided to go for it.

He started the treatment and was feeling better each day, but then something went terribly wrong!

William says that when he showed up for his third intravenous (IV) session, “The doctor said that he could no longer treat me. He had been told that his license would be revoked if he continued to use this treatment. He showed my wife how to administer the treatment, sold us what he had, and gave us an address where more could be obtained. . .”

William took what the doctor offered him and continued his treatment.

“Now, at 75 years of age -- 20 years after they said I had only a few more months to live -- I still play racquet ball twice a week.”

This banned, forbidden treatment totally healed William and he lived another 20 years. You’ll get full details in my 317-page book Cancer-Free.


Conventional doctors lied about
and suppressed this amazing treatment

In the 1970s, this treatment caught the interest of medical scientists at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, one of the most prestigious cancer research institutes in the world.

Sloan-Kettering scientists demonstrated in study after study that this substance knocks out cancer. For a while, it looked like the medical establishment was going to throw its weight behind this wonderful treatment. The U.S. Senate even held hearings about it!

But the amazing results weren’t published. Instead, a bitter political battle took shape behind the closed doors of Sloan-Kettering.

Powerful conventional doctors succeeded in suppressing the studies that proved this treatment was effective. But it gets worse: eyewitness evidence indicates they also faked and manipulated experiments designed to show the treatment failed. They “cooked the results” to show this treatment doesn’t work!

A Sloan-Kettering employee blew the whistle on them and told the whole world what was happening. Sloan-Kettering fired him for going public. He followed up with a book that reveals the whole story in great detail.

But in the end, this treatment was outlawed in the United States. If you want to receive the treatment that’s 18 times more effective than chemo you have to leave the country. A lot of people do just that.

Even taking travel into account, alternative treatments cost a mere fraction of what conventional treatments cost. I name foreign clinics where you can get this treatment – from top doctors – on page 186 of my soft cover book Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing.

It’s sort of ironic, but there’s more medical freedom in some other countries than in the United States! The “free world” is now somewhere else. We’re the ones on the wrong side of the medical “Berlin Wall”!

Now with this unique offer you can possess a treasure trove of information that can save your life or the life of someone you love. . .

This miracle mineral can stop cancer pain
in as little as one day.

The cost? Only 98 cents a pill!

No pain is scarier than that of terminal cancer. So you’ll be as amazed as I was to discover that it can be stopped cold in some patients in less than one day – by a simple mineral that costs 98 cents!

Sometimes it works within a matter of hours. What’s more, it works on cases resistant to morphine and other narcotics. I know of cancer doctors who use this “miracle mineral” as part of a multi-part protocol that reverses and wipes out late-stage cancer.

This is not one of the standard minerals most people take. You won’t find it in multi-mineral formulas. It has a specific effect on cancer cells.

See page 202 of Cancer-Free and find out what it is, how it operates in your body, and a good place to buy it.

The amazing medical device that cured
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In the 1930s, a self-taught genius invented an electrical frequency device that causes cancer cells to revert to healthy cells. In 1934, physicians from the University of Southern California conducted clinical trials. They used the device on 16 cancer patients. 14 of those people were totally cured within 60 days and the other two were cured by day 120! Every single patient defeated cancer!

Instead of being hailed as a life-saver, this poor inventor was hounded by one of the most vicious persecutions in the history of medicine. His discovery was nearly lost.

But enough of his records survived to enable dedicated researchers, working on shoestring budgets, to unlock his secret. Machines based on the same concept are available once again and they’re helping to heal patients as you read these words.

I admit a “radio frequency beam” sounds a little strange. I thought so myself when I first learned of it. But when I saw the results, my wife and I obtained one of these machines ourselves, and we share it with people in need! Now I’ve teamed up with some other cancer crusaders to form a nonprofit foundation to test the technology, prove it works, and end the ban. Turn to page 206 and get the details.

Everything I’m telling you here is sound science
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I wish I could grab every single person who’s reading this and take them one by one to the homes of hundreds of people I know who are alive and kicking – totally healthy – after conventional oncologists told them they’d be dead within months.

Please remember, you need to ponder everything I’m telling you in the light of 3,000 cancer patients that I’ve personally counseled. . .PLUS the fact that I’ve safely used many of these treatments on myself. . . PLUS the fact that I’ve spoken with scores of other trained researchers and doctors and read thousands of books and articles.

I’m well-educated and I regard myself as a sensible person who looks at the evidence.

During the last 16 years I’ve spent at least 10,000 hours researching and finding out what cancer is, how it operates in your body, and what you can do to beat it. The only thing I’m interested in is results. The only questions are: Does it work? And is it safe?

These 32 treatments are the best of the best. I’m not wasting your time on the stuff that doesn’t work or where there’s not enough evidence to be sure. Let me tell you about one of my most exciting finds. . .

Doctor says he “got it all”? Don’t count on it!
Cancer almost
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This tragedy is easily preventable with a 33-cent pill!

Conventional treatments suffer from a fatal flaw. Most patients who thought they were cured aren’t cured at all! They get cancer again AND they get a more resistant, incurable type of cancer.

Even if you ignore everything else I recommend and choose chemotherapy, please, I beg of you, take this one natural remedy while you undergo chemo. It gives you a good chance of killing a certain type of cancer cell that chemo misses.

On page 153 of Cancer-Free I describe these deadly cancer cells that chemo doesn’t kill – valuable information your doctor will never tell you while he pressures you into another round of chemotherapy.

Most patients go through several rounds, trying different chemo drugs. You don’t have to endure this! By merely adding this herb to your chemo regimen, you give yourself a good chance at finishing the job with one round.

A Purdue University research scientist discovered this incredible breakthrough by analyzing 3,500 substances in search of a cancer cure. His research was even funded by the National Cancer Institute to the tune of $5 million. It took him 20 years.

It turned out he found the answer in the twigs of a tree that grew practically right outside his door. But did the cancer establishment embrace this astounding discovery? Of course not. There’s no money in a natural cure that literally grows on trees.

You can obtain this herb easily and legally from supplement companies here in the United States. Get your personal copy of Cancer-Free and see. Discover for yourself. . .

  • The human body produces at least a million cancer cells a day. But most of us don’t get cancer. Why not? The answer is your immune system. On page 84, I reveal the best, #1 immune-system booster, one that every cancer patient should take – and every healthy person, too! I take it myself, and I almost never get sick.

  • Most cancer patients don’t die of cancer. They die of this (see page 220). You can stop it with this over-the-counter solution, proven by large-scale clinical trials.

  • 98 percent of all breast cancer patients make the same deadly mistake. You’ve got to correct this if you want to get well. A renowned Swiss doctor believes this is THE cause of breast cancer. Setting it right is the first step he makes his patients take. It’s now part of my protocol, too, and I’ve seen patients get completely well with no other treatment! See page 131.

  • The one nutrition book that’s based on real science. Tired of all the conflicting advice about what you should eat? I sure was. Most diet advice is just opinion. On page 117 I tell you about the only diet recommendations I’ve seen that are backed by solid evidence. This info opened my eyes and changed the way I eat.

  • Hey, guys! Don’t miss my secret for healing an enlarged prostate in two weeks. It’s the BEST prostate formula I’ve found. It sure worked for me. See page 166.


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A McGill University medical professor says that giving up a sugar is a more powerful cancer treatment than chemotherapy! This Free Report reveals why – and shows you how easy and satisfying it is to use natural sugar substitutes. If you’ve got cancer and you eat sugar, 95% of it goes to feed the cancer cells and only 5% of it contributes to your well-being. “Cancer cells use glucose as fuel,” said Otto Warburg, Ph.D., way back in 1931. He won a Nobel Prize for his discovery. This report explains the connection between sugar and cancer in easy-to-understand language. And you don’t want to miss the easy tips on kicking the sugar addiction.


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Free Report #2 reveals a food that can prevent up to 99.4 percent of cancer tumors all by itself, according to Japanese scientists! It’s simple, delicious, comes in many varieties and flavors, and you can add it to practically any dish from soups to salads to meats. I’m sure you already eat it once in awhile, but you’ll want to eat far more after you read this. Better yet, you can take concentrated extracts of the active ingredients and make yourself practically cancer-proof! Japanese studies proved that mice given the extract remained 99.4% cancer free even after being injected with a powerful cancer-causing agent.


Free Report #3
Cheap Secret for Healthy Breasts

Iodine deficiency is a definite cause of breast cancer and breast cysts. That’s bad news, because a Michigan doctor finds that nearly 100 percent of the patients he tests are deficient in iodine! But how much is a safe dosage? Conventional medicine falsely claims that tiny amounts of iodine can harm you. They’ve almost totally removed it from the American diet. The result is a health disaster, and you’ll be astounded by the benefits of adding iodine to the supplements you take. After 26 days of taking an iodine dose that would shock conventional doctors, a woman with late-stage breast cancer found her tumors were disappearing – proven by PET scans. A woman with a long history of breast cysts says, “The two rocks I had are now soft and normal feeling” after iodine therapy. This Free Report separates the myths from the facts and sets you on the road to recovery.

Free Report #4
The Top Detoxing Secret of the Great Cancer Clinics

Nearly everyone in our society is loaded with poisons acquired from our air, food and water, ranging from pesticides to mercury. That puts detoxification or “detoxing” close to the top of my list of things you MUST do to prevent and cure cancer. And I’ve got good news for you: this Free Report features the detoxing treatment you’d receive if you consulted with the top alternative cancer doctors in the world. In preparing this report, my colleagues visited, investigated and reported on some 40 top alternative cancer clinics in Germany, the United States and Mexico. Out of their research emerged THIS priceless secret for cleansing your body and restoring yourself to health.

Free Report #5
Wipe Out Cancer Pain in One Day

The incredible mineral discovery in this report has been ignored by conventional medicine because it’s practically free. People who live in areas with soil that’s rich in this mineral have practically NO cancer, and alternative doctors have used the breakthrough to help cancer patients – with amazing results. A breast cancer patient who was comatose started receiving 10 grams daily of this mineral by a feeding tube and walked out of the hospital five days later! Full details in the report, including where to order. PLEASE NOTE: this mineral is NOT in your multi-mineral!


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The Forbidden Treatment that’s 18 Times as Effective as Chemotherapy

William Sykes was a leukemia patient who was told he’d be dead within months. Instead, he turned to this natural treatment – and he was still alive and well 20 years later! William is just one of thousands who have whipped cancer with this remedy during the last 50 years, even while the medical establishment fought like crazy to suppress it. It’s a totally harmless, non-toxic substance that’s found in more than 1,200 foods. You can find those foods in any supermarket – OR you can receive the pure extract intravenously, like William, and enjoy even better odds of beating cancer. The secret is two food chemicals that are harmless to healthy cells but deadly to cancer cells! This free report explains it all.

Free Report #7
The Drug Company Threat to Your Health

Drug company executives and the “scientists” who work for them are NOT well-meaning people trying to do the right thing. They’re conspirators and racketeers. They’re cheating us and killing us, they know exactly what they’re doing, and they’re doing it anyway because tens of billions of dollars are at stake. My colleague Lee Euler has packed the proof into this explosive Special Report. It’s detailed and it’s undeniable. Read this and you’ll never look at prescription drugs the same way again.



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Special” Vitamin C Cures Cancer

More than 30 years ago, Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling announced to the world that vitamin C is a valuable cancer treatment. Now comes new and stunning confirmation from a prestigious scientific journal. In this valuable Free Report you’ll get the details on the new experiments. PLUS you’ll discover three case histories of patients who whipped cancer with the help of vitamin C – including Arthur. He’s still cancer-free nine years after he turned down chemotherapy and radiation! IMPORTANT CAUTION: this is not the vitamin C you get off the shelf at a supplement store. You need a special form administered by way of a unique delivery system and available from alternative doctors. Free Report #8 suggests what to do and where to go to obtain this life-saving treatment.

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Spice Kills 80% of Prostate Cancer Cells

This Free Report introduces you to a common household spice that caused 80 percent of human prostate cancer cells to “commit suicide” in a UCLA study. The spice also causes pancreatic cancer cells to self-destruct, as shown by a University of Pittsburgh study. And men, whatever you think of the PSA test, it IS a fact that this spice reduces PSA levels if you eat it regularly. If your doctor is nagging you because you test high for PSA, this is sure worth a try before you resort to drugs or surgery. And if it’s not convenient to use it in your food every day, no problem: it’s available as a supplement.


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No woman who reads Free Report #10 will ever get a mammogram again. There’s no need! Mammograms are inaccurate and painful. What’ more, they’re downright dangerous because the test’s radiation CAUSES cancer. You’ve got a better choice for early detection and this report reveals what it is. Good thing, too, because few doctors know about this radiation-free test – even though it’s been around for 40 years, it’s FDA-approved and it’s been written up in 800 published studies! In France and Canada it’s considered mainstream. Unlike mammograms, this test is highly accurate for young women. And get this: the test lets you know as much as ten years ahead of time if you may have a problem! That means you’ll have all the time in the world to take action and try safe, nonsurgical alternatives, instead of being pressured into surgery and chemotherapy like most women.


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